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Bromley Park is a subdivision developed and built by Pulte Homes from 2002 through 2004, south of Geddes, north of Clark and east of Harris in Superior Township in the Willow Run Public school district. It encompasses the streets East and West Avondale Circle, Ravenshire, High Meadow, Wexford and Glenhill Drives. The subdivision has open green spaces to the west and to the north up to Geddes Road, and along the south and east there are many wooded views. Along the interior streets there are some areas with woods and walking paths. The development has a shared pool with the condominium development to the west. There are 266 homesites within this detached single-family development.

Further information about Bromley Park can be located by accessing the development website at

In 2015, dues were $425 for the year.

On 1/13/14 I ran statistics related to changes in the market from 2011 through 2013 in Bromley itself, showing a decline in short sales and foreclosure properties and an increase in arm’s length sales, as well as an increase in sales overall. Sales prices also showed as on the increase, rising from a median price of $135,500 to $169,500 over that three-year period. That information is found on an earlier blog post found here.

So how is this development faring in todays’ market? Recent sales are higher than the previous peak around 2005 (or statistics do not go back adequately that far and I ran 12-years’ worth of sales). The low part of the market in this development is between late 2009 and late 2012, and prices reached previous peaks around 2015-16, rising since then as shown by this chart.


Adj. sp over time


Over the past two years, the increase has been strong as well, rising from an average sales price of $229,315 to an average of $254,167 from one year to the next (10.84% increase). The median price has increased from $225,000 to $250,000 (11.11%) with the same information, with similar average and median gross living area.


Adjst SP recent


Currently there are three houses offered for sale in the development with a median asking price of $279,900 and an additional one house under contract, which has an asking price of $244,900. The gross living area for the house under contract is 1,795 sqft, which is in line with the median and average sizes of the sales in the 2-year study. The median size of the active properties is higher, at 2,156 sqft, which may account for the higher asking prices. With only one out of four houses under contract, the market shows 25% absorption, which is not robust and could indicate a shift, in particular as the one listing under contract points to a lower price than average and medians.


As there were 12 sales in the past 12-months, the current inventory indicates a 3-month supply. These factors point to a stable market, to possible pressure downward due to the one pending sale. This means, that although the trend lines show increasing, the market could be changing. Looking deeper into the sales that sold last year and the current contracted property, shows similar style houses in the same price range overall, indicating stable. An appraiser would not be faulted for calling the market either stable or increasing based on all of this information.


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