Saline MI market trends

While the market appears to be moving at breakneck speed in parts of the country, even in some of the most popular markets, it is not exactly so. Changes occur constantly, with submarkets having different appeal at different times.


The data below is that of my community, Saline MI, just south of Ann Arbor. Although the data presented does not break out submarkets within Saline, what it does is break out by price range. I could have expanded the price range above the $501,000 mark, but chose to keep it at this level for simplicities sake. The way the data reads is as follows:


The chart shows the number of total active listings, then those under contract, one years’ worth of sales, and supply compared to the past year. Finally, it shows the Contract-to-listing ratio (CTLR) of percent of properties on the market that are under contract. This is relevant as it gives an overall pulse of what is happening in the market, with 20% or less being a buyers’ market based on my experience, and over 35% a seller’s market.  I have run these in price ranges as shown below, and have been tracking occasionally to see any changes.  This particular grouping is interesting because what we are seeing is the early spring market, the height of the market, the early fall market, and now the late fall market.  I will keep running these types of studies throughout the year to see if we have changes that start to happen, but what I am seeing from this is the expected slow-down as we head into winter.


Comparing March to June, the rate of absorption overall has increased and inventory in general has increased. The price range between $201,000 and $300,000 showed a slight slow down in absorption, while anything over $301,000 showed an increase in activity.



Compare early fall to late fall and the market again is changing, with the CTLR dropping and showing more balance. The greatest absorption has generally been in the $401,000-$500,000 range based on this information, with the exception of the current activity in the under $200,000 range. In both of these cases, over $501,000 is much lighter absorption in general.


We have gone from 34.58% CTLR in March, to 41.29% in June, then 29.35% in September and 28.88% as of today.  That is for the entire Saline market, with different price ranges showing different absorption rates depending on when the data was run.


What does this all mean? Long and short is that it shows how the markets change as far as activity based on the time of year, as well as in what particular price ranges the market is hottest at each one of these periods. It shows that although the market may be “hot” in one segment, another may be quite cool. Of course, this is by price range as opposed to an actual submarket, but the logic behind it remains the same.


Hope everyone finds this interesting.  If you have any questions about appraisals in the Washtenaw County market and beyond, please let me know. Feel free to visit my website at for the types of services provided and the coverage area.



Data culled from the Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors MLS

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